Trump Lawyer Defends Former President’s Integrity

On Sunday, Trump’s attorney Alina Habba lauded her client as the most ethical American amid many criminal accusations for suspected breaches of campaign finance laws and mishandling of confidential data after leaving office. 

Recent developments in the lawsuit involving sensitive materials marked an escalation in former President Donald Trump’s legal woes. The Justice Department has brought more allegations against him, accusing him of attempting to destroy surveillance video from his property in South Florida. Ms. Habba, on the other hand, refuted these charges.

While appearing on Fox News Sunday, Habba said when her client, Donald Trump, has his turn in court and when they file their papers, people will see that every single video and every single surveillance tape requested was turned over.

Habba said she could guarantee that if President Trump had not wanted anything given over, there was a way in which that could have been done; but, she said, he would never behave in such a way. Habba said he is the most morally upstanding of all the Americans I know.

Ms. Habba said that the obstruction of justice accusations was impossible to have been committed since the recordings in question were never erased. 

He did what he was supposed to do and cooperated by handing them over, Habba said. 

A superseding indictment accusing Trump of trying to destroy surveillance video at his Mar-a-Lago property was filed by the Justice Department in the Florida classified papers case. Habba disputed that Trump had erased any video while discussing the amended indictment.

According to the supplemental indictment, the number of accusations in the case involving classified materials has increased to 40. It also includes a new allegation related to the classified military papers Trump claimed to possess during a meeting but could not disclose.

Trump insists he was within his rights to steal the records and that his political opponents are behind the inquiry to destroy him. Habba has previously said that she thinks Trump has done “nothing wrong” and that he would never accept a plea offer.