Trump Leads Biden In Liberal News Polls

In contrast to former President Donald Trump, who boasts a clear 10-point lead over his projected competitor for the White House next year, President Joe Biden is failing to establish a rapport with Americans across a range of crucial subjects, according to polling published on Sunday.

According to a poll by the Washington Post and ABC News, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is failing to win over a skeptical public worried about his age and dissatisfied with his management of economic issues and illegal immigration.

Biden’s scores for both economic performance and immigration are at all-time lows, and his overall job approval rating has dropped 19 points.

Even at this early juncture in the election cycle, the figures suggest that Biden is losing against his surging Republican predecessor and probable future competitor by 10 percent, which is far more than the margin of error.

Biden’s approval rating is 37%, on par with May yet lower than February’s 42%. A majority of Americans (56%) disapprove of President Joe Biden, according to the new survey from WAPO/ABC. This finding is consistent with that of previous polls taken recently.

Nearly three-quarters of the population in the United States now has an unfavorable view of the economy as gas and energy costs have lately increased again.

The study also reveals that public confidence in Biden’s ability to solve the problem of illegal immigration across the unsecured southern border is declining.

The displeasure demonstrated by Biden’s advocacy for spending billions of dollars to help Ukraine is very similar.

Public opinion has changed away from backing the Ukrainians since the conflict began in February 2022. According to the results of the recent poll, 41% of respondents think that America is helping too much, while 31% think it’s about right, and 18% think it’s too little.

According to a report, the anti-Trump movement is feeble and disorganized five months before the primary because no Republican contender can compete with former president Trump in the polls.

When Republican groups attempt to attack Trump, it’s usually weak. One recent attack ad showe a voter who proclaimed, “I love Donald Trump!”