WaPo Issues Correction After Wrongly Reporting On Israel-Hamas War

After being criticized by the White House National Security Council, The Washington Post corrected its story that claimed the US had mediated a five-day truce between Israel and Hamas to release female and juvenile detainees in Gaza.

The headline of a Saturday item in the Washington Post claimed that Israel and Hamas negotiated a preliminary U.S.-brokered agreement to suspend fighting and release scores of captives.

Claiming that a compromise had been struck, an article in the newspaper quoted those acquainted with the parameters of the arrangement who said that overhead surveillance would be used to keep tabs on the battle break.

The Washington Post published the article on social media, saying Israel and Hamas negotiated a preliminary U.S.-brokered agreement to suspend combat for five days and liberate women and children captives.

Adrienne Watson, a spokeswoman for the White House’s National Security Council, wasted little time casting doubt on the findings on its X social media account, saying they had not achieved a settlement yet but continued to work diligently to come to a solution.

After publishing a correction to the article, The Post removed the tweet that promoted the false story.

A recent report showed the possibility of negotiating the release of captives from Hamas “has increased” in recent weeks, according to Mark Regev, a top advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On Monday, Regev said during an appearance on “FOX & Friends” that the terrorist organization needed a break after the brutal six weeks of battle. If Hamas freed a substantial number of captives, he said Israel could be ready to temporarily suspend hostilities.

A new report shows that on Friday morning, 25 captives were released by Hamas in negotiations with Qatar and Israel. The terrorist group brutally raided Israel on October 7 and kidnapped the now-freed 13 children, as well as 12 Thai citizens.

Days later, a second group of Israeli and Thai prisoners were freed by Hamas, according to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Thirteen Israelis and four Thais were released.

A report shows that in return for an end to hostilities in Gaza, Hamas has now allegedly promised to free all Israeli hostages.