Biden Faces Backlash After Claiming He Ended Cancer

On Tuesday, President Biden came under fire for declaring that his administration had eliminated cancer as we know it, a “fact” that surprised the rest of the world.

During a speech at the White House on increasing access to mental health treatment, Biden made a remark that raised a few eyebrows. He spoke about his plans to address the nation’s mental health issues as part of his unifying agenda.

The question of why Americans have recently seemed less confident in their ability to do great things is one that Biden claims he is often asked. As he often does, Biden makes up anecdotes that have never happened to puff up his legacy. He claimed that people asked him if he had the power to accomplish anything and what he would do with it.

He noted that when he was Obama’s “cancer czar,” he made a statement about ending cancer. He implied his cancer proclamation appeared to be called into doubt by cynics. He said nobody thought we could pull it off. The president said, “We ended cancer as we know it.”

Biden’s detractors jumped on the statement, with some calling the president’s assertion into question and others making fun of his audacity.

The left claims Biden “slurred his speech.”

State Freedom Caucus Network Communication Director Greg Price wrote that Biden’s dementia is so advanced that he thinks he has beaten cancer.

Conservative commentator Rogan O’Handleysaid we now have become a worldwide punchline.

Co-owner of Trending Politics, Collin Rugg, said it was a fantastic day for everyone everywhere. Now Biden will focus on finding a treatment for dementia.

Josh Holmes, partner of Cavalry LLC and co-host of The Ruthless Podcast, reported that 609,360 Americans lost their lives to cancer last year.

Vice President Biden headed the Cancer Moonshot initiative during the Obama administration in 2016. He revived the industry in 2022, hoping to make previously incurable tumors manageable within the next quarter century.

Academics and specialists in the field of cancer say that Biden’s proposal is incorrect and that, despite the increased money, a cure is still far from being reached.