Biden Snap At Reporter In Public

In response to a reporter’s question on the impact of Biden’s age on his re-election chances in 2024, President Joe Biden turned into a cranky old man.

Biden celebrated his 81st birthday the day before the Thanksgiving break when the two exchanged.

While Biden was shopping on Saturday in Nantucket, Massachusetts, a journalist approached him and said, “Mr. President, are you too old to be campaigning for re-election?”

Biden smirked and said, “That’s stupid.”

When asked why Donald Trump outperformed him in recent surveys, Biden seemed to either not hear or disregard the issue.

The Fox News reporter was said to have engaged in “astroturfing a political assault.”

Current polls suggest that Biden and former president and presumed Republican contender for 2024, Donald Trump, are running neck and neck for reelection to a second term in office. However, some more recent surveys have given Trump the advantage. Many potential voters have pointed out Biden’s old age, 81, as a big problem for him, and this has contributed to his poor popularity ratings during his stay in office, despite some noteworthy bipartisan accomplishments.

Biden became the oldest president in U.S. history when he took the oath of office in January 2021 at 78. When he leaves the White House after his second term, he will be 86 years old if reelected next year. His supporters have often refuted these claims by pointing out that Trump is only four years younger than Biden and that he has, in the opinion of some, shown more significant symptoms of cognitive impairment.

Doubts about Biden’s leadership abilities have been raised by his propensity to ramble on when speaking and by instances captured on tape in which he stumbled or fell.

Some Democrats, including former Obama advisor David Axelrod, have publicly debated whether or not it would be wise for Biden to run for a second term, and recent polls reflect worries about the president’s age.

Several Republicans have pointed out that Biden has not shown any signs of having taken a cognitive test while in office, and they have demanded that he either do so or withdraw from the 2024 campaign.