Body Cam Footage Shows Aftermath Of Snake-Bit Delivery Driver

An Amazon delivery driver was bitten by a venomous rattlesnake at a home in Palm City, Florida, and the events were captured on bodycam footage, including a panicked 911 call.

According to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, the delivery guy was bitten in the back of the leg just above the knee as he was leaving an item at the house’s front door.

Coiled up at the front door, the snake turned out to be an Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake.

The 10-minute 911 call was released on Wednesday and features the driver screaming in pain as the dispatcher tries to get information and aid them. The operator wanted to know what bit the user. The woman cried out, “There’s a snake!” in response.

The operator contacted emergency personnel and told her to take deep breaths and be calm. The call has been censored to remove any identifying details about the woman. She had been weeping and breathing heavily the whole time.

The woman told the dispatcher that the snake bit her as she was about to deliver the box.

As the call continues, the homeowner gives the dispatcher a description of the snake, saying that it is a black and yellow rattlesnake making a lot of noise and has a large rattle.

The call was cut commandeered by a deputy from the sheriff’s department.

He said the victim should remain calm and decrease their breathing. The sheriff’s office claims that Eastern Diamondbacks are a frequent resident of the area and are extremely dangerous because of their high venom content. Rattlesnake bites can cause agony, swelling of the neck, and severe damage to tissues and organs. Death can occur if they aren’t treated.

The call lasted until emergency personnel had arrived.

The bitten woman is seated on the ground with two other persons in the footage. When the police officer asks where the driver was chewed, the driver points out a large, bloody wound.

The dispatcher informed the woman that they were contacting hospitals to find out which ones carry the antidote for the snake poison. She arrived at the hospital in serious condition.

Branden Baribeau, an Amazon representative, said that the company is praying for the driver’s full recovery and was working with their Delivery Service Partner to discover what happened and spread the word that drivers should abandon a delivery if they have any reason to fear their safety.