CA Bans Guns In Most Public Places

Over the last several years, (and really over the last several decades) the United States has been engulfed in a “cold” cultural war. Indeed, conservatives and progressives on the left and right wings of the political spectrum have clashed with each other in a grappling quarrel to determine the cultural identity of the United States. Conservatives have largely been reactionary in this skirmish, and have been overwhelmingly ineffective at combating or offering any alternative messaging to radical progressives over the last several decades in American social, fiscal, and cultural politics. Truly, the left wing arm of the Democratic party has moved the needle little by little over a prolonged period and has been largely successful at completely transforming the mainstream culture of the United States.

Along with their media allies, leftist activists, politicians, and corporate figures have orchestrated a calculated takeover of the American public school system, the corporate boardroom, and the news outlets. Now, having nearly consolidated a mega-monopoly in three key institutions vital to the promotion of mainstream American culture, the left has created an illusion that the entire “system” is on their side, and that their views, (although increasingly radical and warped), are the only ones standing righteous. On nearly every front, (from modern feminism and globalist economics which have combined to destroy the nuclear family and dismantle the American middle class to a complete revisionism of national history curricula in public schools) the left has dominated.

Conservatives have been unable to achieve any meaningful electoral victories besides the 2016 presidential election, and even then, the party was so disunified that they proved they could not govern. Even with the judiciary, the left has succeeded in installing judges that completely disregard American foundational principles and the constitution. Recently, a federal appeals court stated that a California state law that bans firearms in most public places was constitutional. Americans’ rights in every regard are being violated and infringed.