Climate Scientist Admits To Appeasing Radical Editors

A well-known climate expert has come out to disclose his complicity in spreading misinformation about “climate change.” He also highlighted the outsized influence that “woke” editors at scientific periodicals have on the careers of real scientists.

A report shows Patrick T. Brown, a professor at Johns Hopkins University and a doctor of earth and climatic sciences, recently wrote that prominent scientific publications would only publish research on climate change provided it fits within pre-approved narratives. He also said that in a recent article he had written for one of these publications, he had left out an important detail related to climate change and fires.

Brown begins by attributing the recent wildfires in Europe, Canada, and Maui to climate change, citing reports from Bloomberg, The New York Times, the Associated Press, and PBS.

The researcher continued, saying he just had an academic study published in Nature, a highly regarded publication in his field. He crafted the article in such a manner as to satisfy the awake editors who valued story advancement above factual accuracy.

Brown said he made a big mistake when he blamed global warming for all wildfires, while in reality, arsonists are to blame for eighty percent of them. He explained that the editors of renowned journals had previously rejected his work for attempting to break from the formula, forcing him to publish in less prestigious venues.

The scientist urges the media to stop taking these pieces at face value and for scientists to begin speaking out against these editors.

According to Brown, the role of climate scientists has shifted from one of scholarly inquiry to that of a Cassandra, sounding an alarm about the perils of global warming. This natural inclination confuses much of the research in the field of climate science, misinforms the public, and makes it difficult to accomplish real solutions.

Brown left academia more than a year ago, partly because he believed that the expectations placed on academic scientists corrupted the research. He no longer caters to the whims of the field’s most prestigious journal editors.