CNN Just Admitted Biden Could Easily Be Beaten

Due to the fact that his popularity among voters is on the decline, former Republican Lieutenant Governor of Georgia Geoff Duncan stated on CNN that President Joe Biden would be a candidate that Republicans would be able to defeat in the future election in 2024.

Duncan referenced an opinion piece that was published by CNN and highlighted three areas in which he feels that Republicans may achieve success even without the participation of former President Donald Trump.

He said a person would basically have to be crazy if they still want Donald Trump to be the Republican presidential nominee. Duncan said if you want a Republican to defeat Joe Biden. You need to focus on the topics that are important to the majority of Americans. 

He said that would include having the opinion that the election in 2020 was not rigged. We should nominate a person who hasn’t been convicted of a felony and someone who stands behind Ukraine. And lastly, someone with a responsible financial approach to the war-aid expenditure.

Duncan concluded that his three goals should appeal to Americans who fall somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum, saying that if they don’t, “we have no chance” of defeating Joe Biden. 

According to a poll conducted by Reuters and Ipsos, Biden’s popularity rating dropped to 41% in late June, which is roughly the lowest it has been at any point during his presidency. The survey had a margin of error that ranged from minus three to plus three percentage points. The respondents’ primary concerns were expressed regarding the current economic climate and high inflation rates.

Meanwhile, despite Duncan’s three-point plan to keep Trump out of the Oval Office, the former president’s polling suggests that he defeats all Republican contenders, including Joe Biden in the general election.