San Francisco Prisons on Lockdown After Inmate Attacks on

There has been a rise in the number of attacks committed against corrections officers in San Francisco County, which has resulted in the lockdown of two county jails and a request for the National Guard on April 14.

Reports indicate that Inmates in San Francisco County have become increasingly violent toward police and prison employees, prompting the weekend lockdown of two of the county’s jails: County Jail #2 in San Francisco and County Jail #3 in San Bruno.

Prisoner fights, assaults on inmates on inmate assaults, and harm to civilian staff and deputy sheriffs have all recently startled the community.

The San Francisco Deputy Sheriff’s Association (SFDSA) issued a statement on Sunday, stating that these life-threatening instances highlight the urgent need for action to guarantee the safety and security of everyone inside the facilities.

The Association has documented nine incidences of prisoner assaults on deputy sheriffs since March 24. These episodes have resulted in injuries like punches to the head, dislocated shoulders, and skin-breaking bites.

San Francisco municipal officials were compelled by SFDSA president Ken Lomba to ask for the California National Guard to be sent in to help with staffing problems.

According to Lomba, this situation has become worse since 2020. The SFDSA emphasizes the urgency of the matter and the need for the City and Sheriff’s Office to take immediate action to strengthen prison security.

At least 240 instances of prisoner fights were recorded in 2023, according to the SFDSA’s letter, which represents a 58% rise from 2022, and the number of reported assaults on prisoners by other convicts also increased by 79%.

It has been reported by the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office that the lockdowns have resulted in the cancellation of visitations, events, and services. Regular activities should resume sometime during next week.