Tuberculosis Cases Detected in Chicago’s Free Migrant Shelters

Economically, the American middle class continues to struggle. While the working class of the country has long struggled, exorbitant spending packages passed by congress under Bidens watch have at least in part helped to cause rampant inflation. This inflation peaked in late 2022 at levels not witnessed in decades, and ordinary Americans are paying more money than ever before for basic expenditures. The cost of living has skyrocketed, and 60% of citizens are estimated to be living paycheck to paycheck.

Internationally, Biden has presided over a period of serious international turbulence. Early in his term, after spending years criticizing the former president Donald Trump and his relationship with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin he lifted sanctions imposed by Trump on the Kremlin. This may have emboldened Russia to invade Ukraine and bring war back to Europe for the first time since 1945. In the Middle East, Biden oversaw a botched American withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, and now Hamas and Israel are at war. Weak leadership in the White House has undoubtedly made the world less safe. Biden has proven to be unwilling to honor his obligation as commander in chief to defend the interests and protect the national security of America. At the southern border, over 5 million illegal migrants are estimated to have entered the country since the beginning of Bidens term. Biden reversed many policies implemented by Donald Trump that had helped mitigate the migration problem. Now, desperate to stop the flow of people into their state, the Texas governor is considering a bill passed by the state legislature that empowers state officials to take action in terms of arresting and deporting migrants.

The crisis is continuing to worsen as tens of thousands of people continue to arrive illegally in the United States with each passing day. In a recent report, tuberculosis has been found in migrant shelters in the city of Chicago. This is truly no surprise.