Country Music Fans Have Mixed Feelings Over Morris Departure

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, over 1 million Americans are estimated to have died from the virus. Overall, life in the United States has truly never returned to “normal conditions” for many citizens before the pandemic began. Children were forced to “attend” school at home on the computer, and masks were mandated in public throughout cities and towns across the nation. Tense political ramifications resulted from the pandemic, and vaccines were attempted to be mandated by the federal government for public employees before the Supreme Court reversed the policy, calling into question basic rights to medical privacy and individual freedom. In the years since, things within America in terms of the economy and politics have not gotten better. As president Joe Biden nears the completion of his third calendar year in office, working class Americans across are struggling with a skyrocketing cost of living, surging crime rates, a crisis at the southern border, and international chaos.

Domestically, America is also embroiled in a heated culture war. Conservatives and Progressives appear to be clashing in nearly every aspect of American life, with politics unavoidably being infused in everything from sports, to clothing, to beverages, and even food. Over the summer, in June Anheuser-Busch experienced sales declines and a loss of revenue after advertising for LGBTQ Pride month with Bud Light. Target also faced serious backlash after promoting children’s clothing with Pride themed designs and produced articles made for “transgender” children.

In the music industry within the subgenre of country, individuals are reacting to a singer named Maren Morris’s decision to “leave” the genre for personal political reasons. Morris made a statement to the Los Angeles Times that she had moved away from country music due to “toxicity” brought about by “Trump”. In other words, Morris, a progressive Democrat, no longer wanted to be a part of the genre in which a majority of listeners are traditional patriotic conservatives.