Democrat Governor Cuts Funding To Pro-Life Organization

Pennsylvania’s Democratic governor, Josh Shapiro, slashes millions from a pro-life program that helps pregnant women find homes and counseling.

According to reports, Pennsylvania intends to cancel on Dec. 31 its lengthy contract with the charity Real Alternatives, which was the first in the country to gain large state and federal funds to promote anti-abortion counseling centers. Anti-abortion counseling centers, Catholic Charities, and maternity homes in Pennsylvania all benefited from the state and federal funding that Real Alternatives dispersed.

Even if state funding does not account for the whole of St. Margaret of Castello Maternity Home’s budget, according to Executive Director Eileen Artysh, the change will affect the center’s sustainability. The maternity home can provide lodging, resources, and parental therapy thanks to funding from Real Alternatives.

Many of the expectant mothers who visit the maternity home, she said, have already made the decision not to abort their kids.

According to the article, Pennsylvania launched the first alternative program to abortion in the mid-1990s.

The study adds that led by then-Gov. Bob Casey, a Democrat against abortion, the state began subsidizing alternatives alongside an existing program that supported Planned Parenthood’s services for women’s health. Throughout the years afterward, funding for both programs has been stable under both Republican and Democratic governors.

According to a statement released by Real Alternatives, its network of facilities in the state has provided care to nearly 350,000 women with over 1.9 million patient visits. According to the study, in 2022, the state contributed close to $7 million to the organization, which distributed the money to more than 70 centers. Other states have been motivated to finance similar groups thanks to Real Alternatives’ leadership.

Planned Parenthood PA Advocates, who support abortion rights, have hailed the Democrats in the state for defunding the organization. The Shapiro administration intends to transfer $8 million in state subsidies “to other women’s health providers.”

Kevin Bagatta, CEO of Real Alternatives, stated, “It’s tragic because this is a terrific program, and if you take it away, abortions will drastically rise in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”