DeSantis Claims Trump Will Lose To Dems In 2024

In the election of 2024, Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican presidential candidate from Florida, is certain that the Democrats will prevail against former President Donald Trump.

The governor of Florida made the forecast during an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN on Sunday. The host questioned the governor’s growing propensity to attack Trump’s cognitive ability.

DeSantis claimed if Democrats couldn’t defeat Trump, DeSantis wouldn’t have run for office.

Stunningly, DeSantis went on to claim that the media were currently taking it very easy on Trump.

On his Truth Social platform, Trump addressed the baseless accusations.

Trump wrote that when he sarcastically switches out Biden’s name to Obama’s to show that other people are very influential in our country’s leadership.

He continued, writing that Ron DeSanctimonious, along with his ineffective campaign and teaming with Democrats’ extreme left-wing propaganda machine, went ballistic, claiming that Trump is ignorant of the name of the president, Joe Biden.

Trump said he was familiar with both names and never confused them. He’s also aware that they’re ruining our nation.

He ended the statement by saying he had recently completed a cognitive test as a component of his physical examination and scored above the average. He suggested Biden take one so the country could determine why Biden is determined to have open borders, no voter ID, a weaponized DOJ and FBI, a militarized government, energy dependence, high inflation, males participating in women’s sports, the exclusivity of electric vehicles, and a host of other bizarre things.

Former President Trump is ahead of his Republican rivals by 2200 delegates, according to the most recent polls by RacetotheWH.

The predicted delegate total of 2,311 further solidifies his commanding lead in the Republican race.

Ron DeSantis is losing ground against Nikki Haley, who is now in second place.

As of November 20th, Donald J. Trump has 2311 delegates.

Haley has 67.

DeSantis has 63.

Reports show five Republican Florida lawmakers have flipped their 2024 presidential support from DeSantis to Trump. Out of concern that DeSantis will reject their funding projects out of spite, some Florida lawmakers have privately voiced their concerns about publicly switching their support to Trump.