DeSantis To Participate In NV Caucuses Despite Saying He Wouldn’t

GOP Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis will participate in the Nevada Republican Party caucuses despite previously accusing the state party of using tactics for the benefit of Donald Trump. Nevada Republicans decided to select their candidate via caucuses instead of a primary election, which DeSantis argued would work in Trump’s favor because his supporters are more likely to turn up to caucuses.

A spokesperson for DeSantis said it was disappointing that Nevada had “changed the rules against the will of the people,” adding that “Ron DeSantis will fight to overcome these tactics.”

The DeSantis team says their candidate is determined to fight every battle in the contest as his fortunes continue to slide downward. The Floridian Governor’s finances came under the microscope in October when filings showed he raised $15 million in the preceding three months but had burned through $11 million in the same period.

The figures place the Floridian far behind frontrunner Donald Trump, whom he is trailing by double digits in almost every poll. Governor DeSantis has recently come out fighting against candidate Nikki Haley as she begins to gain ground and has overtaken him in some surveys.

A row broke out between the two Republicans when DeSantis said Haley wanted to bring Palestinians to the United States as refugees – something he vehemently opposes. Haley hit back, saying she advocated no such thing but merely recognized that some Palestinians do not support the terrorist group Hamas that governs the Gaza Strip.

Donald Trump also lashed out at Haley in light of her growing support. His team posted a message on Twitter entitled “The Real Nikki Haley” and accused her of admiring Hillary Clinton and wanting to cut back on social security. Trump also said Haley believes immigrants are more patriotic than Americans and is therefore weak on migration and border security.

Ms. Haley told her supporters she would not respond to Trump’s attacks. “I’m not kicking sideways in this race. I’m kicking forward,” she said.