Father Arrested After Throwing Daughter’s Body In Canal

In Western Germany, a man in the Rhineland is suspected of disposing of his dead three-year-old daughter by throwing her body into a canal.

The Duisburg police and public prosecutor stated on Sunday that the 40-year-old was arrested on charges of dangerous bodily harm and deprivation of liberty leading to death. He allegedly punished the girl by locking her in a cellar at Dinslaken, where she choked to death on her vomit.

The statement claims the individual turned himself into police in Dinslaken on Friday. He claimed he had drowned his daughter in the Rhine-Herne Canal close to Oberhausen by sinking her with heavy objects.

A murder investigative team is now doing background checks, interviewing potential witnesses, and reviewing evidence.

Initial reports indicate that the German may have confined his daughter in the basement of an apartment building for several days. He allegedly fed and gave her water and frequently looked in on her. However, rumor is that he discovered the girl dead in the basement on October 1st.

After dark the same day, he allegedly dumped the body in the canal. He specified the precise area within the Kaisergarten.

The fire department divers in Oberhausen went looking for the body on Saturday night and located the young woman.

On Saturday, the autopsy showed that the infant had choked to death on her vomit. No fatal injuries were discovered by the forensic pathologists who examined the child’s body. The statement claims the father has said nothing further to police.

The homicide squad is currently seeking witnesses after releasing the following statement– The police are hunting for witnesses who may have seen the youngster being dumped on Sunday, October 1. The area is between a regular canal bridge and the pedestrian bridge “Slinky Springs to Fame” by Frankfurt artist Tobias Rehberger.