“Flying Tank” Shot Down Near Ukraine 

(Republicaninformer.com)- According to 19fortyfive.com, a video that seems to have been taken with a cell phone and shared on social media showed Russian Su-25 aircraft wreckage.   

Very little information is available concerning the disaster; nevertheless, the initial poster on Telegram said that the pilot evacuated from the aircraft and was found to be alive after the crash. 

Evidence shows that an airplane came down from the sky and destroyed trees before hitting the ground. Metal can be seen strewn across the ground, along with wings from the aircraft. 

The Su-25 aircraft was developed to be swift and capable of destroying surface armored vehicles.  The nickname “flying tank” was given to the aircraft because it was both agile and strong. 

Throughout its history, the Su-25 has sustained casualties at a rate far greater than that of other similar birds. 

Reports show that shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles caused the loss of many “Flying Tanks” that were engaged in low-altitude missions in Afghanistan.  

In 2008 Russia’s incursion of Georgia cost Russia many Su-25s. 

In 2014, Russia provided rebels in the Donbas area with air defense systems, which resulted in the loss of several aircraft on the part of the Ukrainian government. 

According to Military Today, the Sukhoi Su-25 continues to serve as the primary ground-attack aircraft for Russian units. The type is roughly comparable to the American A-10, although it has developed into a more capable fighter aircraft. 

Su-25s flew almost 60,000 combat missions in Afghanistan; due to these missions, various improvements were incorporated into the production aircraft beginning in 1987. In addition, many Su-25s were assigned to assist Russian military operations in Syria and Chechnya.  

Over 250 Su-25s, in their many forms, are presently in service with the Russian Air Force, along with updated variants of the Su-25, including the Su-25SM3 Grach. 

The Su-25 is valued at around $11 million if it is in excellent condition.