Former Trump Aid Claims Giuliani Assaulted Her On Jan 6

On the day MAGA fans stormed the Capitol building, former Trump staffer Cassidy Hutchinson claims in her new book that Rudy Giuliani improperly touched her.

In her book Enough, Hutchinson writes of her experience with former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani backstage after Trump’s speech near the White House, just before his supporters began to riot.

She says Giuliani put his hand beneath her blazer and then her skirt and that former Trump aide John Eastman witnessed the whole thing.

According to an excerpt from the book, Hutchinson wrote that she felt his freezing fingertips trail up her thigh. His head was cocked upward. His eyes had a yellowish tint. Her focus immediately went to Trump aide John Eastman, who was grinning ear to ear. Her muscles tensed, and she tried to pull away from Rudy’s hold but failed.

Hutchinson was primarily an aide to former chief of staff for Trump, Mark Meadows. Her book details her journey from enthusiastic support for Trump to feelings of exclusion and, finally, her role as a pivotal witness for the January 6th Committee.

The author expressed frustration, confusion, and a mounting fear that something terrible was about to occur as she recounted the events of January 6.

In the back of the tent, she says, she saw Rudy chatting with John Eastman and a few others. His mouth curled up like a Cheshire cat’s. He stalked over to me, waving papers like a wolf stalking its prey.

Giuliani explained that they could prove election fraud. He said Rudy encircled her with an arm, bringing them closer together. The papers were piling up behind her lower back, and she could feel the pressure. She looked down and saw him go for the bottom of her blazer with his free hand.

“I like this leather jacket on you,” he said, running his fingers over the surface. She said his hand slipped under her skirt and blazer.

Hutchinson admitted she lied about a Trump incident where he supposedly lunged and grabbed at a steering wheel to commandeer a vehicle from a secret service agent to head for the Jan 6 riots.