Kamala Claims She And Biden Will Win Reelection

Despite Republican criticism and some Democrats’ reservations about the president’s age, Vice President Harris told CBS News that she and President Biden are confident in gaining a second term.

Harris said they will “easily be reelected.” The American people, Harris assured CBS News “Face the Nation” host and top foreign affairs reporter Margaret Brennan, know how serious the situation is.

Harris has said that she is prepared to take over as president if required, even though she is 58 years old and Biden is trying to win the election next year shortly before he is 82. Harris said she sees President Biden often at work, and our government, led by the President, has performed groundbreaking work. In her opinion, the people of the United States are more interested in having a leader who can get things done.

Harris gave an interview to CBS News while attending a meeting of Southeast Asian nations in Jakarta, Indonesia, on her third trip to the region as vice president. When questioned about her lengthy stay in the area, Harris underlined the South China Sea’s importance to the global supply chain.

She said that one-third of international commerce takes place in those waters. It’s a significant hub for moving supplies.

Harris raised concerns about the ability of the typical American to get the necessities of life if the region is not safe, open, free of navigation, and subject to the execution of maritime law.

She also warned that it would be disastrous for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the prospect of North Korea supplying Russia with weapons to aid in Russia’s current conflict in Ukraine.

Harris argued that providing ammunition for such a purpose was a terrible idea. Russia and North Korea, in her opinion, will be more isolated due to this.
Russia is obviously in a plight right now. A strategic failure has already occurred, she said.

When the conflict between Russia and Ukraine first broke out a year and a half ago, Harris noted that many predicted it would end quickly. There is continuing fighting among Ukrainians.