Lindell Willing To Bankrupt Company Rather Than Back Down

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, has firmly stated he won’t concede in defamation cases leveled against him, even if this stance leads his company to bankruptcy.

Lindell is facing defamation suits from Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems, two prominent voting machine companies. Both firms assert that Lindell’s baseless allegations about their involvement in manipulating the 2020 presidential election results in favor of Donald Trump severely tarnished their reputation.

Lindell, a staunch supporter of the former president, is among a handful who have come under legal scrutiny for circulating false narratives about the 2020 election’s integrity. Recently, he openly discussed the monetary challenges MyPillow is confronting. During his statement, Lindell, perhaps as a symbolic gesture, held a pillow close to his face, likely from his product line.
In commenting on the situation, Steve Bannon criticized media narratives, suggesting they would focus on “Mike Lindell’s downfall” and accuse them of favoring the machine companies.

In a recent event, Lindell highlighted the company’s online auction, where industrial equipment and other unnecessary items were listed for sale. This auction raised eyebrows among vendors, especially when some items didn’t receive bids. To address concerns, Lindell assured his partners that MyPillow was stable financially.

However, Lindell’s financial woes seemed to compound when he revealed that American Express reduced his credit limit drastically from $1 million to $100,000. He indicated that this action by the credit card company, with whom he had a 15-year association, significantly hampered MyPillow’s operations. He asserted, “Out of nowhere, they slashed our credit limit, which has greatly affected MyPillow.”

In response, an American Express representative told Newsweek that their company doesn’t base decisions on personal or political beliefs.

Further complicating matters for Lindell, his legal team from Parker Daniels Kibort LLC recently expressed intentions to discontinue their services due to unpaid legal fees amounting to millions. In its official documentation, the law firm stated that the outstanding dues from Lindell and MyPillow were jeopardizing their business’s future.

While acknowledging the payment delays, Lindell appreciated the law firm’s support over the years. Speaking to Newsweek, Lindell mentioned, “These lawyers were courageous. This team stepped up in a climate where attorneys are hesitant to challenge electronic voting machines. They deserve their dues, and if we can’t pay, they can’t continue their services.”