MTG Reports Strange Message After “TV Turned On By Itself”

On Sunday, Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene revealed a disturbing occurrence she had to her Twitter followers.

Greene tweeted that she suspects she is being spied on because her TV “turned on by itself.”

The Republican firebrand said that her TV suddenly came on the night before and that the screen had displayed an image of a laptop trying to connect to the TV.

Greene then suggested that someone wanted to physically attack her by saying that she is very happy, healthy, and healthy and never smokes. She said she doesn’t take any pills. She never got the shot, so she isn’t worried about a stroke, heart attack, or a blood clot.

(These assurances are often made by people who want to make it clear that if something fishy happens, they are murdered. It is usually a humorous meme associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton and “Arkancide.” The implication is that the Clintons have political enemies killed.)

The lawmaker then followed up with a tweet that included a CBS News piece from 2019 in which the FBI issued a warning about the insecurity of Smart TVs with face recognition, microphones, and cameras.

According to experts, if your TV is plugged into a power strip and that strip’s switch is activated, your TV may turn on unexpectedly. You might not even notice that it’s still on because power strips are typically stashed out of sight. 

Also, experts say it is possible that a neighbor has a remote that can accidentally control your TV, and they may be able to switch it on. 

It is also possible that the batteries in your remote are the culprit. If the remote’s battery is low, the device will continue to send out signals even when it is not being used, giving the impression that the TV is turned on by itself. 

Or, it could be spies.