Musk Getting MRI, Possibly Surgery Ahead Of Cage Fight

On Friday, August 11, Elon Musk announced in tweets and Facebook postings that he would appear at the promised duel between Meta and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg in “ancient Rome.” Whether the event will be held at the ancient Colosseum has yet to be revealed.

Musk noted that the two billionaire’s foundations would handle the fight, not the UFC. Livestream will be available on both his and Zuckerberg’s platform. Musk said there would be nothing contemporary visible to the viewer, just ancient Rome. He said Italy’s Prime Minister and Culture Minister returned his calls, and they settled on a legendary venue.

In a subsequent tweet, he clarified that every cent will be donated to the troops. But he hinted at the possibility of a little holdup due to another factor. In answer to a user’s inquiry on his recent MRI scan, he said his C5/C6 fusion is complete, so that wasn’t the problem. However, he needed minor surgery on his right shoulder blade, and only a few months were required to recover fully.

He said despite the “minor surgery,” he has been preparing for the bout. Almost every day, he goes to the gym and lifts weights. He said he does overhead presses of 155 pounds. (Perhaps a reference to Zuckerberg’s weight and all that would be needed to pick him up and toss him aside.

After launching Threads, a competitor to X, the two have openly committed to fighting one another. While their exchanges began on a friendlier one, Musk has called Zuck a “cuck,” implying that the Facebook founder enjoys cuckoldry.

Musk suggested a “literal dick-measuring contest” to settle their differences.

In the last month, Zuckerberg has shown training footage of himself with many UFC champions. Musk, meanwhile, streamed himself working out at the gym and bragged about his physical superiority.