Musk Vows To Financially Back Victims Of Cancel Culture Who Used ‘X’

According to the latest news, Elon Musk has said that X would cover the costs of employees who have been discriminated against because of their use of the social networking site formerly known as Twitter. 

Musk said last weekend that he would pay for any platform user’s legal fees if they were fired or otherwise discriminated against by their employment because of anything they posted or liked on the platform. 

Musk explained that the legal action would be more than simply a lawsuit. He intends to publicly target the firms’ boards of directors as well.

The 25-year-old NASCAR racer Noah Gragson was suspended indefinitely for merely liking an internet meme about George Floyd. 

Musk’s announcement came days after the story broke.

Reports show Elon Musk was inundated with prospective claimants after he pledged to cover legal costs for anybody terminated due to their social media conduct.

David Volodzko, a journalist who was let go from the Seattle Times last month, is an example of a person who may be subject to cancellation. Volodzko’s first article argued that a monument honoring Russian communist leader Vladimir Lenin should not be placed in Seattle’s Fremont area.

An online outlet reveals that Musk was also curious about a January firing at Limited Run Games involving a female employee.

After a transgender Twitter user harassed Kara Lynne as a “transphobe” and accused her of supporting creepy right-wing “transphobics,” Limited Run Games removed her from her position as a community manager.

Lynne explained in a post on TwitLonger that she was dismissed from her job at Limited Run Games. She went on to say that they didn’t want to do it and were clearly doing something against their will, but they felt pressure from outside. Lynne said that she understood why Limited Run Games would rather not have the negative press.