Officials Make Daring Rescue After Stunt Goes Wrong

On Monday evening in California, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) reported that a young thrill seeker had to be rescued after a mishap left him dangling by a rope underneath a bridge.

The teen had been left hanging perilously high above the river by the rope after a prank went wrong.

According to a statement that the PCSO made on Facebook, an individual who was 19 years old was filmed by a friend while dangling from a catwalk that was located underneath the Foresthill Bridge. However, the individual ran across problems with their equipment and was unable to continue.

The friend dialed 911. According to the PCSO, they discovered the teenager hanging approximately thirty feet below the catwalk when they arrived.

According to statements made by Cal Fire Battalion Chief Nolan Hale to CBS Sacramento, the adolescent was suspended about 700 feet above the American River.

According to the statement released by the PCSO, a member of the Cal Fire TRT (Technical Rescue Team) worked in conjunction with a member of the sheriff’s office SAR (Search and Rescue) Mountain Rescue Team in order to lower a rescuer and hoist the teenager to safety.

After being trapped beneath the bridge for over an hour, the adolescent was visibly rattled up, prompting Hale to describe the rescue as high-risk. He stated that the teenager was pretty disoriented.

Maureen Meehan, a native of El Dorado County, told the publication that these children are still alive, which fills her with overwhelming joy.

The adolescent did not sustain any injuries. According to the information provided by the PCSO, he and his friend were given citations for trespassing.

There have been stunts that have gone wrong in the year 2023, including the reported death of a Frenchman who fell from a skyscraper in Hong Kong and the hospitalization of a stuntman who worked at Universal Studios after he fell 30 feet.