Protestors Storm Stage where Buttigieg is Speaking

Over the last decade, the United States have been engulfed in a “cold” cultural war on the domestic level. Progressive and far-left activists have driven much of the “change” and have pushed for widespread revisionism in terms of American history, calling for the removal of statues, monuments, and implementing radical and incorrect curriculums into American classrooms which paint the reasons for the nation’s founding as those of oppression and malice. Indeed, even well-renowned and admired figures are unsafe; in New York City, a statue of Teddy Roosevelt was removed from the outside of the museum of natural history, as it was deemed “racist”. In recent years, even basic biological tenants are being questioned, as progressives claim that biological men can become women and vice versa. Males have invaded women’s sports, undoing years of work by feminists who sought to ensure equal opportunities for athletic achievement for women. These same individuals also have access to female locker rooms in many cases, putting the health of women at risk. Ultimately, this culture war shows no signs of cessation, and grows more polarized and divisive by the day.

Politics within the nation are increasingly polarized and truly worrisome. Progressive Democrats, who have morphed the entire national party into a far-left extremely radical machine, continue to show that they are unafraid to “eat their own”. In early October, climate change protestors stormed the stage in Baltimore, Maryland while Pete Buttigieg, the U.S. Transportation Secretary was being interviewed.

Buttigieg had been attending a daylong conference in the city centered around transportation updates within the Old Line State. The conference, named IMPACT MARYLAND, was centered around future infrastructural improvements of Maryland, including the update of the Baltimore airport. Radical leftists, believing Buttigieg to be not fanatical enough for their taste on climate change, walked onto the stage carrying signs and stating “Stop Petro Pete”. Protestors claimed “environmental racism” was prevalent in the Biden administration.