Reporter Claims Biden Knows Who Left Cocaine At WH

According to a new Soldier of Fortune magazine report, the Secret Service told President Joe Biden the identity of the person responsible for cocaine being found in the White House in July. The investigation into the incident concluded without any interviews or publicly identifying any suspects.

The report, authored by publisher Susan Katz Keating, claims that three confidential sources confided in her about the identity of the person responsible for the White House cocaine being found. However, she has chosen not to disclose the name. These sources are identified as current U.S. government agency employees and are not authorized to speak with the media.

In her report, Keating quoted an unnamed source saying, It wasn’t Hunter Biden, but it was someone within the Biden family sphere. This statement came after suspicions linking Hunter Biden, who has a history of drug abuse, to the incident. Keating also mentioned in her report that one source told her to ask Joe Biden for the name. Keating claims Biden knows the identity of the person with the cocaine.

A spokesperson for the Secret Service, Anthony Guglielmi, has refuted the report about President Joe Biden’s knowledge of the identity of the person bringing cocaine into the White House, calling the claim “false,” as reported by the New York Post.

Guglielmi clarified, “The Secret Service is unaware of the identity of the person or persons who transported the tiny bag of cocaine into the White House. Our investigation could not lead to a person of interest, and no discernible fingerprints or DNA could be recovered from the packaging.”

He further explained that their information came from an independent crime lab of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a body not affiliated with the Department of Homeland Security or the Secret Service. “The FBI is extremely proficient in this area of forensic science, and they conducted an in-depth analysis of the packaging,” he stated.

Publisher Susan Katz Keating, who bought Soldier of Fortune in May 2022 after working with the Washington Times and Washington Examiner, attempted to contact the White House but was unsuccessful. “I noted the text because every other method I tried brought no results. I am getting a lot of good information from sources, but I must allow the White House/Biden to respond,” Keating told the Post.

She also shared her frustration with her attempts to text the White House, which repeatedly failed. Keating published a screenshot demonstrating her efforts: “I wanted to document that I attempted.”

The conservative British publication The Spectator criticized Keating for not revealing the name all three sources allegedly gave her regarding the cocaine incident. The magazine teasingly prodded, “She does not tell her readers the name all three sources gave her. They requested that Keating give up the name of the suspect.