Russia Suffers Massive Losses In Just One Day

The Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff has reported that Russia has lost 21 tanks and 17 artillery systems in a single day. They also announced the casualties of 580 soldiers.

The announcement in a Facebook post on October 8 also described the loss of dozens of fuel tanks and vehicles.

Since the battle began, the Russian military has lost 9,111 vehicles and fuel tanks, in addition to 282,280 troops and 4,820 tanks, as reported by the General Staff.

Furthermore, it stated that 20 ships, boats, 315 planes, and 316 helicopters had been destroyed since Russian President Vladimir Putin initiated the invasion in February 2022.

For obvious reasons, when Russia does release information on its military casualties, it is usually much lower than the numbers shared by Ukraine.

It’s safe to say, however, that since the war’s beginning, heavy casualties have been sustained on both the Ukrainian and Russian fronts as each side works to achieve its military goals.

Former Lieutenant General Ben Hodges has reported that the Ukrainian counteroffensive was successful and has caused widespread destruction in occupied Crimea. Despite some Western skepticism, Hodges has advocated for the liberation of Crimea by the Ukrainians. He said if the Black Sea Fleet has to leave Sevastopol because they realize they are vulnerable to long-range precision weapons, this is impressive. It also demonstrates the value of long-range precision weapons that can strike targets as far away as Sevastopol, Saki Air Base, and Dzhankoy Hub.

Drone strikes have increased across western Russia due to the conflict, with some even making it to the capital in Moscow.

Ukraine has made it routine to launch large-scale attacks against defensive and naval facilities in Crimea.

However, despite Ukraine’s promises to fight for the liberation of the other occupied areas, Russia has managed to maintain control of the land corridor connecting Crimea to them.

Ukraine’s counteroffensive, which began more than four months ago and aims to reclaim territory now held by Russia, has been slower than Kyiv and its Western sponsors had hoped.

According to the Institute for the Study of War, the most recent combat took place near Andriivka, which is roughly 5 miles southeast of Bakhmut, the Donetsk city that was fiercely contested for months before Russia finally won it.