Sean Hannity Makes Good On Promise To Ditch New York

Over the last several years, the decline of the United States has increased dramatically. Under the poor, questionable leadership of Joe Biden, Americans have suffered economically, culturally, and politically. America’s streets are no longer safe as the southern border remains open and millions of illegal migrants continue to enter the nation on an annual basis while tens of thousands arrive on a daily basis. The president and the federal government appear unwilling or unable to address the problem, and America’s embarrassingly weak immigration policies have allowed the problem to worsen and worsen with no end in sight. Economically, 6 out of every 10 citizens are estimated to be living paycheck to paycheck as people grapple with the worsening effects of inflation. What’s worse; the cost of living and homes have skyrocketed to such an extent that it is now nearly impossible for a middle class family earning near the median national income of some seventy thousand a year to own a home. The “hourglass effect” has worsened, and there are less, and less people considered “middle class’ ‘, while the gap between the poor and wealthy continues to grow.

The expression is also stated that people “vote with their feet and speak with their wallets”. People have been fleeing high-tax, progressively run Democratic states like New York and California for years while migrating to places like Florida and Tennessee where the cost of living is lower, there is more patriotism and freedom, and taxes are minimal. Recently, one longtime New York resident and conservative media pundit made the move from New York City to Florida. Sean Hannity, recently announced that he finally moved and delivered his first broadcast from the sunshine state. Hannity said that he feels that for the first time in his adult life he feels as though his representatives share his values. Hannity is not alone; thousands of New Yorkers have fled to Florida in recent years.