Survivor Of Rave Attack Gives Horrifying Testimony

One person who was at the Israeli rave when Hamas militants stormed the venue and began slaughtering festivalgoers hid for seven hours beneath the remains of the victims.

When Hamas launched their surprise attack Saturday morning, sending festivalgoers screaming for their lives and finding cover in orchards as gunshots rang out for hours, Lee Sasi was there. The all-night rave had attracted a throng of roughly 3,000, predominantly young Israelis.

When Hamas soldiers came across Sasi and about thirty-five other people hiding in a bomb shelter, they opened fire indiscriminately.

According to Instagram messages shared with i24news reporter Natasha Raquel Kirtchuk Gutman, Sasi was one of ten people to survive the horrific attack by hiding behind dead bodies for hours.

Sasi texted that she and her buddy were among the only ten survivors who came out of the bomb bunker alive after being rescued seven hours after the initial shooting. While the party was taking cover in the bomb bunker, Sasi reported to her buddy that a thousand bullets were fired into it.

She described how Arab attackers opened fire on the celebration and hurled grenades into an open bomb shelter. Fifteen grenades and a thousand bullets were fired.

She finished by saying, “For 7 hours straight.”

The texts reveal that Sasi contacted family in Israel, who dispatched former members of the Israel Defense Force to rescue her and the others.

Sasi wrote that they were lucky. “It was a miracle” that she survived, she wrote.

About 800 Israelis have been murdered, over 2,000 injured, and over 150 people, including foreigners, have been captured by Hamas.

According to health officials in Gaza, at least 300 Palestinians have died, and over 2,000 more wounded since Saturday.

While promising Hamas “a price it has never known,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared, “We are at war.”