Ted Cruz Calls Out Border Policies As Threat To US Security

Sen. Ted Cruz claims that the United States is more vulnerable to another 9/11-style terrorist assault because of the Biden administration’s immigration policies.

Cruz said that as long as Joe Biden and the Democrats refuse to secure the borders, he believes there is a very significant risk that we will see a central act of terror in the United States committed by individuals on the terror watch list, committed by radical Islamic terrorists who have crossed the open border on the southern border. Cruz made his statement on The Chris Salcedo Show.

The Senator from Texas said that Hezbollah, positioned to the north of Israel, could become more involved in the fight, increasing the likelihood of more terrorism in the United States. He said the risk of another terrorist attack, perhaps on the scale of 9/11, but in 2023, increases with each new terrorist that Joe Biden allows into the nation.

Cruz brought up that in September, the Biden administration released $6 billion in frozen assets to Iran in exchange for 5 American hostages. He believed this would give Iran and its terrorist proxies, such as Hamas, the ability to kidnap more Americans.

Unfortunately, Cruz’s forecast came true only a few weeks later when Hamas seized American citizens in retaliation for Israel’s weekend strike.

The attack on Israel by Hamas, Cruz said, was the fault of the Biden administration. He attributes this to the government’s decision to free up $10 billion in Iraqi funds and $6 billion for Iran. In addition, Cruz claims that Iran gained an additional $40 billion in revenue due to the administration’s lax enforcement of sanctions on the country’s oil shipments. He further claimed that the government gave Hamas millions of dollars in Gaza.

Hamas’s terror attack on Saturday was the worst day for Jewish deaths since the Holocaust. There have been almost 900 Israeli fatalities, thousands of injuries, and hundreds of hostages captured. Cruz feels the Biden administration paid for all of it.

Connecting the dots–Hamas is widely believed to be under the sway of Iran, which has received almost $50 billion from President Joe Biden’s government since he took office. Iran plotted the attack. Iran was in charge of orchestrating it. Iran paid for it, and the money came from the influx of funds that President Joe Biden sanctioned for Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to use in his war against Israel and the United States.