Tom Hanks Family Member Has Meltdown: “I Don’t Deserve This”

Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks’ niece gained attention on Monday due to her reality-show meltdown that went viral on social media.

Carly Reeves, an actress and producer who graduated from UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film, and Television, expressed frustration after quickly being eliminated from ABC’s reality show “Claim to Fame.”

The show involves famous people’s relatives competing against one another; the game is trying to uncover each other’s, famous relatives. Reeves became upset when another contestant correctly guessed her “Claim to Fame” on the premiere episode.

Songwriter Rob Milton shared a clip of the scene, mentioning that he doesn’t know if people watch #ClaimToFame, but Tom Hanks’ niece made a controversial appearance.

Reeves became emotional and left the set in tears when hosts Kevin and Frankie Jonas disclosed that a contestant had figured out that Tom Hanks was her “Claim to Fame.”

His freakin’ clues were so obvious, Reeves whined after letting go with an ear-splitting wail offstage. 

Reeves takes offense to the host, who gives clues, using “bench” as one of the hints. She remarked that “the freaking poster of freaking Forrest Gump” has him sitting on a bench.

“Are you kidding me?” she moaned. “Why a bench!!?!”

She noted no references to a bench in any other movie.

She said even Gabriel figured it out; who isn’t smart. 

Her remarks prompted a gasp from the other contestants, who could hear every word she was saying.

That’s cold, one said.

I didn’t even get to do any challenges, Reeves continued, still crying.

Reeves said that “she didn’t deserve” what happened, as she cried and began to pack her clothes. 

She said she wanted more camera time.

Reeves later admitted that she might have overreacted at the moment, saying she was “really upset.” 

She mentioned that she hoped her famous uncle would have the opportunity to witness the viral moment. She expressed her desire for him to watch it, as she now finds it hilarious.