Trump Jr. Will Be At First GOP Debates

Even though his father won’t be attending the first Republican primary debate in Milwaukee this week, Donald Trump Jr. will be.

The former president’s son announced that he will be attending the first GOP primary debate in Wisconsin on Wednesday, even though his father has refused to participate. Trump Jr. will be attending along with wife Kimberly Guilfoyle, who served as an adviser to Trump when he was in the White House in 2020.

In essence, the couple will be serving as a surrogate for Donald Trump at the GOP debate. Trump Jr. posted on the X social media platform this week:

“We’re excited to see all of our friends in Milwaukee who want to Make America Great Again!!!”

Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle will be going to Milwaukee to meet people and shake hands, do various media appearances and also promote shows they currently have on Rumble. In a statement sent to the Daily Caller, the couple said:

“We’re excited to see all of our friends in Milwaukee on Wednesday in support of President Trump. We’re confident that in 2024, GOP voters will reject the RINO establishment and re-nominate President Trump in a landslide.”

The Trump campaign confirmed that the former president’s son and his wife would be attending the GOP debates as a surrogate for his father. It’ll be one of the first times that Trump Jr. will appear on the campaign trail to support his father’s bid for the White House.

Over the weekend, the former president posted on his social media platform, Truth Social, that he wouldn’t be participating in GOP “debates.” That generic statement could foreshadow that he plans to not only skip this first debate in Milwaukee but also others that are planned for the future during the primary season.

As he wrote:
“The public knows who I am & what a successful Presidency I had, with Energy Independence, Strong Borders & Military, Biggest EVER Tax & Regulation Cuts, No Inflation, Strongest Economy in History, & much more. I WILL THEREFORE NOT BE DOING THE DEBATES!”

Trump has been hinting for a while that he wouldn’t be participating in the first GOP primary debate, citing his huge lead in polls as a reason for doing so. He has consistently said that he doesn’t have much to gain at all from going up on the debate stage with his other Republican presidential hopefuls.

While he won’t be heading to Milwaukee this Wednesday, Trump has no plans of staying out of the public eye that day. He has plans to have a pre-taped interview that he did with Tucker Carlson, the former anchor for Fox News, air on Carlson’s new show on the X social media platform.

Those Republican candidates who will be headed to Milwaukee this week for the first presidential debate include Asa Hutchinson, Chris Christie, Doug Burgum, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Vivek Ramaswamy, Tim Scott and Ron DeSantis.

Each of those candidates will try to create some separation from the rest of the pack as they look to make a push to challenge Trump atop the GOP leaderboard.