Trump Roasted For Saying He’d Rather Be Overseas

Twitter users reacted with shock when Donald Trump remarked earlier this week that he might prefer spending time in the south of France over being in the U.S.

The event occurred in Windham, New Hampshire, where Trump discussed the three criminal indictments against him and the possibility of a fourth.

Current polling data suggests that Trump is the preferred candidate for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination among Republican voters by a significant margin. However, the former president is set to face upcoming trials related to charges that include his alleged arrangement of a hush-money payment to an adult film actress, mishandling of classified information, and attempts to overturn the 2020 election results.

Trump has pleaded not guilty in all three instances, fervently denying any impropriety. He has previously voiced his outrage regarding these matters, particularly in reference to Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation. In a post to his Twitter account on May 18, which has since been removed, he expressed his anger, writing: “This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!”

These words were primarily perceived to mean that he would rather be somewhere else than in the U.S., at least temporarily. Trump said he would rather be in the south of France or relaxing at Mar-a-Lago than be in the United States during all this turmoil.

Trump indicated that, in his opinion, America is a failing nation thanks to the current actions of the Biden administration and their use of the DOJ and FBI as a weapon to disguise election interference in an effort to stop his reelection bid.

Trump has received more bad news. A Fulton County, Georgia, grand jury has handed indictments to former President Donald Trump and 18 of his allies on charges of racketeering, election fraud, and additional allegations stemming from efforts to manipulate the 2020 election results.

Fulton County DA Fani Willis announced Monday night in a news conference that arrest warrants had been issued for all those implicated in the charges, and they must turn themselves in by noon on August 25.