Trump’s Black Co-Defendant Is Only Member Denied Bail

Among the 20 defendants in the case against former President Donald Trump, Black Voices for Trump leader Harrison Floyd was the only one who had been refused bond in Fulton County, Georgia.
Reports show Floyd wa charged with allegedly attempting to coerce a poll worker into testifying about possible ballot fraud, as stated in an indictment filed by District Attorney Fani Willis. There was a police officer present when that took place.

Floyd, one of two black defendants, appeared in court without an attorney because he could not afford one.

Because he was charged in Maryland with allegedly assaulting an FBI agent who brought him a subpoena for testimony at the grand jury in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s federal investigation, Judge Emily Richardson deemed him a flight risk despite the non-violent nature of the charges against him.

Supporting Trump’s re-election bid, the 2019 launch of Black Voices for Trump highlighted record-low black unemployment, Trump’s development of opportunity zones, and other Trump-era successes for blacks. After the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020, places like Kenosha, Wisconsin, needed help from volunteers of Black Voices for Trump to get back on their feet.
Joe Biden took several days to issue a statement condemning the violence.

Floyd, a Marine Corps veteran, was kept at the Fulton County Jail pending trial, despite the fact that the liberal websites have denounced it as a jail where inmates die in filth.

According to a report, this is likely because of bias and the greater financial resources available to white defendants who hire private attorneys.

Curiously, the Black Lives Matter crowd has been rather quiet regarding Floyd’s arrest.

So far, $280,000 has been donated to Harrison Floyd’s official legal defense campaign to help pay the fees of his lawyer, Chris Kachouroff.

According to a report, Floyd was ultimately discharged from jail on Tuesday, subsequent to fulfilling the required bail requirements.

The next day, Harrison Floyd conducted an interview with Steve Bannon. Floyd expressed concern with the cover-up by Fulton County, suggesting there were errors or mishaps in the process. He also indicated his intention to disclose the truth at an opportune moment.