Urgency To Name House Speaker Grows

According to a report, Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Blaine Holt explained to Newsmax that the House of Representatives must choose a speaker this week so that Congress can haul in President Joe Biden’s national security team and make it respond for their actions that resulted in worldwide fighting, including with the current war in Israel.

Holt stated on “Sunday Report” that the government must explain how they began with China, took us into Afghanistan, then to Ukraine, and now this. It’s not a coincidence that these three countries are involved: China, Iran, and Russia.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)’s aides assured an online media outlet that the Judiciary Committee would continue to function normally despite the absence of a speaker. However, any committee work may be put on hold while Jordan campaigns for speaker.

A report shows that Rep. Jim Jordan and many House Republicans attempted to lock up the speakership on Tuesday but were prevented by a small group of establishment Republicans. They planned to try again on Wednesday.

According to GOP strategist Cliff Maloney, the Speaker vote will serve as the litmus test for moderate and liberal Republicans. To what extent do they side with the Republican establishment or the Democrats in their opposition to Jim Jordan? The Patriots will not forget the vote.

Maloney said that a vote against Jim Jordan is a 100% guarantee that the Republican will be challenged in 2024 by a real conservative.

When McCarthy encountered a multi-ballot process in January, he lost the same number of votes (twenty) as he did initially. McCarthy actually lost more on successive votes, but days later, he made progress and mustered the necessary support to win some of the votes back and seal the deal. Some in the media may be quick to write off Jordan now, but if McCarthy could weather additional defections and then make a comeback, Jordan may be able to do the same.