Vegan Mom Refuses To Kill Daughter’s Head Lice

A woman has expressed her astonishment at the next door vegan mother who would not kill the lice in her daughter’s hair, according to The Daily Mail. An Australian mother wrote to 9Coach asking for advice. She explained that her daughter is best friends with the neighbor.

One day, while the two were playing, she notices the young girl furiously scratching her head. When she checks it, she discovers lice. But upon informing the little girl’s mother, the neighbor said that she already knew but, because she is vegan, she cannot kill them. Instead, she would comb them out in the yard hoping that the lice find another place to live.

The mother was perplexed and sought advice from the website’s agony aunt, Alexandra Carlton, who initially suggested that she suggest the girls play hairdresser and then treat the little girl’s hair. But she noted that this might put a strain on the relationship with the neighbor if she found out. Another possible route would be the try to prevent her own daughter from getting lice, but as the NHS website states, there is no known way to prevent that.

The NHS website suggests “wet combing” in order to treat the lice. A special fine-toothed comb is used on wet hair, in addition with shampoo and conditioner. After washing, comb through the wet hair. For short hair, it should last around 10 minutes while longer or curlier hair should be from 20 to 30 minutes.

Another person commented on the situation and found the irony in the neighbor just brushing the lice into the yard. She said that doing so will be subjecting the lice to a slow death, and then referred to the microscopic amoeba that the neighbor is killing every time she “swipes through” her daughter’s locks.