Woman Arrested After Trying To Make Her Way To Trump In Court

A woman who was attending former President Donald Trump’s civil trial for fraud was arrested on Wednesday after she began to walk toward the front of that courtroom, where Trump was sitting.
After the arrest, the woman was identified as an employee of the court system. She had said that she wanted to come to Trump’s aid, though the court said that Trump, nor anyone who was attending the trial, was in danger at any point in time.

When this happened in court, Trump didn’t show a reaction at all. He even told reporters after the hearing on Wednesday that he didn’t even know what had happened.

Trump asked reporters:

“Who got arrested? We didn’t know anything about it.”

The woman retreated away from the front of the courtroom once an officer of the court advised her to go back to where she was sitting. She was then escorted out of the courtroom by officers not long after, where she was arrested and charged with contempt for disrupting a court proceeding.

Lucian Chalfen, a spokesperson for the court, said that the woman was yelling to Trump, saying she wanted to come to his aid. According to a story posted in Politico, reporters who were present in the courtroom said they didn’t hear the woman raise her voice.

After she was removed from the courtroom, though, she could be heard screaming from the lobby.

NBC cameras caught the woman outside the courtroom, telling officers of the court:

“You’re scaring me, and I have a right to be there. I’m an American citizen, and I’m also a court employee. I’m also just here to support Donald Trump.”

She added that she was “peacefully watching this proceeding” and also complied when the officer of the court advised her to not cause “any more problems.”

The woman’s name wasn’t released to reporters. Chalfen said that she was placed on administrative leave and also was barred from entering any court in the state while an investigation was being carried out by authorities.

After the incident took place, Trump’s trial continued. The only other odd moment, according to the Politico story, was when Trump threw his hands up after being frustrated. He then conferred with his lawyers animatedly while Doug Larson, a real estate appraiser, was testifying about interactions he had with a company executive at the Trump Organization.

Kevin Wallace, a lawyer for the state, then asked the judge, Arthur Engoron, to request that the defense “stop commenting during the witness’ testimony,” saying the “exhortations” could be heard from where the witness was standing.

Engoron advised everyone to not get too loud when they talk, “particularly if it’s meant to influence the testimony.”

The civil case that Trump is facing was brought by Letitia James, the attorney general in New York, who’s accusing the former president, his sons and their company of lying to insurers and banks by inflating their assets and net worth.