A Deadly Challenge Is Going Viral Online

The boat jumping craze that became popular on TikTok resulted in four individuals’ deaths. This led the Today Show to feature a segment with officials issuing severe warnings about the dangers associated with this trend.

People are participating in the copycat craze of jumping off the back of a moving boat. However, officials in Alabama have reported that four individuals have died from participating in this supposed social contagion. The Today Show reported on Monday that the fatalities occurred over the past six months.

The captain of the Alabama Association Rescue Squad, Jim Dennis, stated that the four people they tried to help when they jumped off the boat literally broke their necks. And, he remarked, as people know, it’s pretty much an instant death. Experts say colliding with water at high speed is similar to colliding with a concrete wall. 

Gail Kulp, who works with the Sea Tow charity, mentioned that individuals involved in the fad may accidentally hit the boat’s propeller.

When encountered from a moving boat, the water is extremely dangerous, and it feels like hitting concrete from a jump of multiple stories high. You could suffer broken bones, a broken neck, or collide with your boat’s propeller. Another boat could run over you, resulting in significant harm or even death. 

This fad is not new. According to a claim made by The Today Show, footage from the year 2020 has been discovered, revealing the same dangerous trend.

Despite TikTok not officially endorsing or promoting the challenge, individuals still participate in the video challenges. The app company has implemented safety measures to alert users to the potential risks posed by the trend, including displaying content warnings before videos begin playing, which state that participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.

The allure of getting “likes” is inexplicable. People aren’t being creative; they just mimic potentially life-threatening behavior for little reward.