ABC News Doctored RFK Jr Interview

On Thursday, ABC News omitted Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s comments about vaccines from an interview with the Democratic presidential candidate for 2024.

Though he considered Joe Biden a family friend, Kennedy told ABC News’ Linsey Davis that Biden’s way of governance and approach as Democrat was ultimately not at all like his.

Kennedy said the Democrats shouldn’t be the party advocating for war. They shouldn’t be the party of Wall Street.

RFK said he doesn’t believe in censorship and we should not let neocons dictate foreign policy. He feels those are things at the core of Democratic Party principles that the current administration has abandoned.

Kennedy said there is “no way you can overcome the polarization” in America (defending his appearances on conservative shows) “without talking to people on the other side.”

After Kennedy was asked about his previous comments suggesting a link to autism caused by vaccines, the interview was shifted abruptly, cutting off the topic and skipping to another part of the interview.

Davis stated in an after-interview statement that Kennedy’s comments had been heavily edited out of the footage. While speaking to her, Kennedy “made false claims about the vaccines,” she remarked.

Data purports that the vaccine has saved millions of people from hospitalization and death.

In addition, Kennedy made statements concerning the connection between vaccinations and autism in children. 

Multiple studies involving over a million children, major medical associations like the American Academy of Pediatrics, and advocacy groups like Autism Speaks show that neither vaccines nor any of the ingredients used in them cause autism.

On Wednesday, a Fox News survey found that Kennedy, after Joe Biden, was the second most popular Democratic presidential contender for 2024. 

In the survey, Biden received 62% of the vote, Kennedy received 19%, and Marianne Williamson received 9%.