Antifa Operative Identified As Privileged Mental Health “Expert”

Members of Antifa come in many shapes, sizes, and identities. They are sometimes CNN employees on bail for domestic terrorism charges, they are sometimes furries who detonate explosives, and other times they are alleged wealthy “mental health experts” who spend their time sending hate to conservatives over social media. 

One Antifa operative has recently been exposed as Heidi K. Lightenburger, also known as “Goth Bot Alice” online. Her posts were reportedly investigated by Justice Report to make the connections between her online persona and her real identity. It was discovered that Lightenburger was part of a collective called, “It’s Going Down,” which would dox people. But the operative was doxed by her own after a quarrel. 

It was then revealed that Lightenburger comes from a wealthy family background and a neighborhood that is 90% white. She then went on to graduate with a degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Northern Colorado and then received a master’s degree in health from Capella University, which does most of its education online. 

Her work history remains sparse and is speculated to have been scrubbed from the internet. What remains is that she previously worked as a “Community Outreach Coordinator” at a now-defunct nonprofit and then as a peer support specialist at another nonprofit. 

Lightenburger’s father, an engineer turned investor, is the source of her wealth. The family’s properties are worth millions of dollars. One recent property was sold in 2020 for $1.6 million by the Don Lightenburger Trust. Despite her background, as an Antifa operative, Lightenburger advocates for the dismantling of the American way of life. 

Her other political views include advocating for abortion, which she claims will go back to “back-alley” treatments. 

“I am furious and enraged and scared,” she tweeted in September 2020. “Without legal, accessible abortion, I’d have an 18 yr, a 12 yr old, and a 9 yr old. I’m chronically suicidal & have no business being a mother.”