Beloved Pizzeria Vandalized With Hate Imagery

In a disturbing act of vandalism, a Skokie, Illinois, kosher pizzeria became the target of a suspect who drew a swastika with a heart on one of the shop’s windows. The incident, which occurred on Thursday, has sparked outrage and concern within the local community.

Moises Wajchman, the Jewish owner of the pizzeria, expressed his shock at the discovery. One of his employees noticed the hateful symbol while cleaning up on Saturday night. The incident was promptly reported to the police, who have since investigated the matter.

Wajchman, determined to find the perpetrator, reviewed the store’s surveillance footage. He believes he has identified the vandal, who targeted the shop after closing hours on Thursday night. EJ’s Pizzeria shared a photo of the swastika and footage of the suspect on their Facebook page, condemning the act of hate and expressing their shock and dismay.

This incident comes at a time when tensions surrounding events in Israel have heightened, and news of a rise in anti-Semitism violence is being reported globally. Local authorities are treating the vandalism as a hate crime, highlighting the need for continued efforts to combat such acts of bigotry.

Skokie, known for its significant Jewish community, has faced multiple incidents of anti-Semitism in the past. Just last October, pro-Palestinian protestors reportedly assaulted two individuals who were escorting an elderly Jewish couple to a pro-Israel event. Moreover, the town gained national attention in 1977 when a Supreme Court case revolved around Chicago-based neo-Nazis who sought to host a demonstration in downtown Skokie.

Despite these challenges, Wajchman remains resolute. He emphasized that division will not prevail and that the Jewish community is here to stay. Skokie’s Jewish community currently accounts for approximately 28 percent of the village’s population, down from its peak in the 1960s when it constituted 58 percent. Additionally, the community is home to a significant number of Holocaust survivors, further highlighting the resilience and strength of its members.

As this incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing battle against anti-Semitism, communities must stand together in support of tolerance, understanding, and unity. Skokie and its residents are no strangers to adversity, but their unwavering spirit and determination have always prevailed.