Biden Knew Migrants Were Preparing To Enter U.S.

The Biden administration allegedly knew that a large group of migrants was planning to cross the southern border into the United States but did nothing to stop them.

Internal DHS data, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon on Monday, show that Mexican immigration officials have seen an uptick in border apprehensions since May. This indicates that illegal border crossings may increase.

On the other hand, DHS did nothing to prepare for the surge.

The record number of migrants intercepted at the U.S.-Mexico border in August was 232,972, according to numbers supplied by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

August’s record-breaking influx of people was the biggest of any month this year. Government data show that authorities saw many migrants from Mexico at the border at the beginning of the month.

Democrat Rolando Salinas, mayor of Eagle Pass, Texas, which issued a state of emergency earlier this month, has called the situation a crisis.

Due to an influx of illegal migrants, Union Pacific Railroad has temporarily ceased service in Mexico.

Since taking office in January 2021, President Joe Biden has done little to enforce the border, frustrating not only Republicans but also Democratic leaders in places like New York and Chicago. New York Governor Hochul has called for the border to be shut down.

To pay for housing and other social services for migrants, lawmakers are considering hefty budget cuts. The worst effects have been felt in border communities. On Saturday, Mayor Oscar Leeser of El Paso, Texas, said his community had reached its breaking point.

There appears to be no slowdown in sight. Reuters reports that last week, roughly 100,000 migrants were making their way through Panama and Mexico on their way to the United States.

Since Title 42, a provision put in place during the epidemic to facilitate the swift deportation of undocumented immigrants for health-related reasons has expired, the number of illegal border crossings has increased.

Since a growing number of migrants are entering Mexico hoping to enter the United States, the Biden administration is eager to speed up the admissions process.

Since Biden assumed office, over 3.8 million people have crossed the southern border.