Biden Press Secretary Laughs When Asked What Biden Does 

( During the White House press briefing on Wednesday, ABC News White House correspondent Mary Bruce noted that it was the second consecutive day President Biden had no public events on his schedule. 

Biden’s last public event was on Monday when he delivered remarks at the 2023 International Association of Firefighters Legislative Conference where he once again recounted the highly fictionalized tale of the kitchen fire in his Delaware home in 2004. In this retelling, Biden claimed that every stick of furniture had to be replaced. 

Biden’s next public event last week was three days later when he traveled to Philadelphia to deliver remarks about his FY2024 budget proposal. 

In between, the only thing on Biden’s daily schedule was receiving the Presidential Daily Briefing. 

ABC’s Mary Bruce addressed the lack of public events on Tuesday and Wednesday and asked press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre what the president has been up to. 

Jean Pierre responded by chuckling derisively and incredulously repeating Bruce’s question. She said the White House had released read-outs of the calls Biden made with the Sultan of Oman and French President Emmanuel Macron, adding that Biden is “always working” and “making sure” the American people are at the top of his mind “every day.” She said Biden is always meeting with senior staff.  

Jean-Pierre reminded reporters that the president would be delivering a speech on Thursday in Philadelphia. 

Biden’s light schedule, coupled with his frequent trips to Delaware and Camp David, is one of the many criticisms about his presidency. In his first year in office, the president spent 28 percent of his time at one of his two homes in Delaware. 

According to former CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller, as of the weekend of March 3, Biden has taken 66 trips to Delaware since taking office, for a total of more than 200 days.