Biden Rakes In Massive Amounts Of Cash Over Trump

President Biden’s reelection campaign fundraising continued to outpace that of his Republican rival Donald Trump in the month of February, March with more than double the cash on hand of the Trump campaign, CBS News reported.

According to FEC filings for February, the Biden campaign reported $71 million in the bank while the Trump campaign reported only $33.5 million.

The Trump campaign added only $3.5 million to its war chest in February as the former president was forced to spend big in February to fight off challenger Nikki Haley in the weeks leading up to the March 5 Super Tuesday primaries.

Trump’s ongoing legal bills also weighed heavy on his fundraising efforts, with the Trump campaign and super PACs already spending well over $10 million on legal fees this year.

In February alone, Trump spent over $5.5 million on legal fees and carried over half a million dollars in debt to attorneys into the month of March.

The Biden campaign raised $21.3 million in February and spent only $6.3 million. Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee raised $16.6 million, $6 million more than the Republican National Committee raised in February.

The Biden campaign said that it, combined with the DNC and affiliated fundraising committees, started March with $155 million in the bank.

Meanwhile, the combined cash on hand for the Trump campaign, the RNC, and affiliated political action committees was just over $74 million at the start of March.

While MAGA Inc., the primary Trump super PAC, started the month with more than $25.5 million in the bank, the RNC is still lagging far behind the DNC, netting only $2.6 million in February to start March with $11.3 million in the bank.

The president has been taunting his opponent over the Republicans’ anemic fundraising efforts.

In a March 20 fundraiser in Dallas, Biden joked that he had been approached by a man who asked him for help with his crushing debts and said he replied, “Donald, I can’t help you.”