Biden Surrounded With Questions As Trump Is Indicted

Questions regarding the Espionage Act probe that led to the prosecution of former president Donald Trump on at least seven charges were yelled at President Joe Biden.

On Thursday, Trump announced via Twitter that Special Counsel Jack Smith had indicted him concerning the investigation into his retention of sensitive papers under the Espionage Act.

On Friday morning, President Biden left the White House in a motorcade, avoiding the possibility of shouted questions from the press.

Nevertheless, Biden was greeted by aggressive reporters yelling questions as he boarded Air Force One for his trip to North Carolina. He and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden will be touring Rocky Mount Community College and discussing training initiatives there.

A pool report states that Biden did not respond:

The motorcade arrived at the AF1 steps at 10:36 am.

As Biden left the Beast on his own, he ignored the loud questions on the Trump indictment from the press pool. He was accessorized in his blue suit and Aviators.

The press pool hadn’t caught up with the First Lady yet. The president’s handlers claimed she boarded the plane before he did.

On Thursday, before the news of Trump’s indictment surfaced, Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak held a press conference where the topic of the Trump issue came up.

Peter Alexander of NBC wanted to know what the President would say to Americans to assure them that they could trust the fairness of the DOJ when the former president, his predecessor Donald Trump, repeatedly attacked it.

Biden pivoted, answering a question that wasn’t asked, saying that he has never once told the Justice Department anything about whether charges should be brought. 

“I am truthful,” Biden declared.

Biden has also claimed he knows nothing about his son Hunter’s business dealings despite a plethora of emails on Hunter’s laptop and visitor logs at the White House that says otherwise.