Biden’s Aggressive Dog Bites Multiple Victims

After the previous first dog, Major, was kicked out of the White House for similarly violent conduct, President Biden’s German shepherd, Commander, has been discovered to attack seven persons in a four-month timeframe. 

Like Major, who the White House claims were handed to family friends in 2021 after biting multiple Secret Service agents, Commander has been involved in a horrific series of events. 

The White House physician’s office sent a Secret Service agent to the hospital on November 3, 2022, after Commander chomped down on the officer’s thigh and arm, which is the worst reported occurrence to date. Weeks later, when the president let Commander loose outside the White House during a family movie night, Commander bit threw the flesh on the wrist and arm of another Secret Service agent. 

Commander also bit a security guard at Biden’s house in Wilmington, Delaware, the next month. 

Since the timeframe doesn’t include Commander’s first nine months in office or his last six months, the reported attacks from October 2022 through January are likely an inadequate recounting of occurrences involving the dangerous dog.

On October 3, Commander gave a Secret Service agent’s forearm a bite outside a garden door. The White House attributed the incidents to the stress that the First Family’s dogs faced while living in the White House. 

Together with the Secret Service and the personnel at the Executive Residence, the First Family strives to implement new leashing rules and alleviate the situation. Each event was handled the same way as a workplace injury, with all necessary notifications and reports being filed. 

A statement from the White House stated that the President and First Lady would want to express their appreciation to the Secret Service and the Executive Residence personnel for all they do to ensure the safety of the White House and the First Family.

The bad first family news comes as Republicans in the House dig more into the business connections of Joe Biden’s son Hunter and brother James Biden in places like Ukraine and China.