Biden’s Great-Great-Grandfather Was Pardoned By Lincoln

The United States is engaged in a cold “cultural” war. Indeed, over the last several years an intense conflict has raged as moderates, conservatives and far left progressives have clashed, attempting to define the modern identity of the nation. In truth, for decades, the Democratic party and their political allies have moved increasingly to the far left of the political spectrum, seeking to redefine American culture and identity in every capacity. For instance, for years progressives have called for the removal of historic monuments and statues they deem “offensive” or “racist”. Initially, much of the “outrage” surrounded Confederate generals, but in recent years no historical figure in American history has been spared. Even Teddy Roosevelt’s statue was removed from the front of the museum of Natural History in New York City.

As the cultural battle continues to escalate, the recent theatre of action has been in public schools around the United States. Radical new curriculums have been adopted by progressively run states, and American history courses focus heavily on negatives, painting the founding of the U.S. as an era of “oppression” and greed. Most worryingly, progressives have pushed relentlessly for widespread implementations of radical transgender ideological policies. In many states, young men who “identify” as women have been allowed to participate in girls’ sports, shattering records, and even change in female locker room facilities, putting women’s health and well-being at risk. In New Jersey, the state enacted a public school policy that prevents schools from notifying parents of a child’s decision to “identify” as a different name or gender and implements LGBTQ curriculums to children as young as kindergarten age.

For all of Bidens progressive pandering, it appears his family may have had been on the wrong side of American history. A recent report states that Bidens great-great grandfather was pardoned by Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War after he got into an altercation with another union army soldier.