Billionaire To Use His Wealth To Help People After Getting It Handed To Him

A report explains that after the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, Gus Witzoe found himself in an ideal position to begin a new venture. He introduced the “W Initiative,” a humanitarian organization whose mission is to enhance the lives of children by supporting worthwhile initiatives in need of financial support.

The W Initiative was founded in August 2022 by Gus Witzoe, a model and philanthropist.

According to the W Initiative website, effective water management and excellent accessibility to sanitation services by 2030 are Sustainable Development Goal No. 6 of the United Nations, supported by the W-Initiative.  

Nearly 2.3 billion people worldwide still lack access to safe drinking water. In Uganda, that number rises to 9 million schoolchildren who don’t have a place to get a drink or wash their hands. The effects of this on children’s health and academic performance are devastating. Improved sanitation is crucial for keeping kids in school and ensuring they graduate.

Clean water and sanitation facilities must be easily accessible. According to Right To Play’s National Director Jimmy Vika, not only does this increase children’s health and academic success, but they also become role models for their parents and may disseminate information that has far-reaching effects across their communities.

Access to clean and secure restrooms at school is especially important for young women. As a result of puberty-related health concerns, many young women either skip one to four school days each month or stop attending school altogether.

The iWASH initiative will promote access to safe, clean, and gender-specific sanitation facilities in Uganda, building on the work of Right To Play and UNICEF in the country.

To achieve this goal, we will provide lavatories and changing rooms for females alone, ensure that they have access to clean water and educate them on proper hygiene during menstruation and the proper use of sanitary goods. 

Schools will have water supply tanks and handwashing sinks constructed, and faculty and staff will get training on proper sanitation procedures.

The iWASH initiative, run by Right To Play, is an excellent jumping-off point for teaching kids healthy habits and routines to prevent illness.