Camera Catches Snake Slithering Over Porch Railing

A video of a giant snake creeping over the porch of a North Carolina home has gone viral online, and it’s unsettling.

The footage was shot in July in front of a house in Advance, North Carolina, about 15 miles southwest of Winston-Salem. The reptile can be seen slithering down the porch railing.

The snake then makes what looks like an attempt to scale a pillar on the porch. While this is happening, heavy rain and wind are pounding the house, yet the snake still seems determined to enter.

Anyone fearing snakes in the area may find the footage unsettling, as it provides a clear sense of the snake’s size and abilities.

In North Carolina, you’re more likely to encounter a snake than not. According to the Wildlife Resource Commission, there are at least 38 different types of snakes in North Carolina.

The online resource Natural Sciences reports that six varieties of venomous snakes can be found in North Carolina today. The eastern coral snake, eastern diamondback rattlesnake, eastern hognose snake, eastern cottonmouth, and eastern copperhead are all in this group.

Even if the snake in the video wasn’t dangerous, its presence so close to home probably gave the owner reason to lose some sleep.

Cold-blooded animals like snakes venture out for sustenance, cover, and potential mates as the weather warms up in the summer.

While most people would rather avoid coming face-to-face with a snake, experts have advised the public to remain calm and refrain from injuring them should they encounter one.

Reptile conservation biologist Jeff Hall from the North Carolina Wildlife Commission thinks it’s terrible to hurt or kill snakes, elaborating on how snakes aid in pest control. Ten of the 38 native snake species in North Carolina are considered at risk of extinction, so finding ways to live in harmony with them is crucial.