Christian Horner Agrees To ‘Public Ceasefire’

Even though they’ve had some problems so far this season, The Red Bull racing team has demonstrated their superiority in Formula One with two victories and two second-place finishes in the first two races.

Many are concerned that the team’s health may suffer because of the distractions that occurred during preseason. 

An internal inquiry on February 28 absolved Homer of any wrongdoing toward a female coworker. Horner is now the subject of a formal complaint lodged with the FIA by the lady who first accused him of improper behavior.

At least three complaints about Horner’s conduct have been lodged since the beginning of February, according to an unnamed lady temporarily removed from her post at the team’s Milton Keynes headquarters.

Concerns about her credibility led to the woman’s full-pay suspension from Red Bull HQ on March 7.

They informed her that they had decided against her because they believed she was not being completely forthright because of discrepancies in the material she had submitted.

With the help of his wife, Geri Halliwell, a former Spice Girl, ex-driver Horner has stated his intention to put the issue behind him.

In recent weeks, at the Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, the F1 chief and Geri have maintained a unified face, albeit a little awkwardly.

During the press conference, Horner stated his intention to move on from the issue and focus on the events happening on the track.

Allegedly, after emergency discussions, Christian Horner has agreed to a public truce among his embattled Red Bull Racing squad.

Before the truce, the stunning sexting claims prompted Jos Verstappen, father of three-time world champion Max Verstappen, to openly rally behind the accuser and call for Horner’s dismissal from his post. 

In response to Horner’s suggestion that the situation be ended, Jos stated it was a little too late. In response to the accusations, Red Bull’s senior advisor Helmut Marko also distanced himself from Horner.

Concerned about the authenticity of leaked WhatsApp chats from an anonymous email about the Horner probe, Red Bull began investigating an 80-year-old man.

The three parties have reportedly reached an agreement to end hostilities publicly.